signs of Stockholm

Lasting graphic communication in the city and around the edges of the capitol of Sweden.

Cities meet

This cast iron border sign stands right next to the Karlberg Castle where the Swedish officers receive their stripes. I forgot to look for a signature of the artist but … Continue reading

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A meeting between different decades

Recently restored and given a fresh red paint this sign is luckily kept in place by its new owner. An interesting combination of a stylish art deco sign and a … Continue reading

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A cinema sign of some importance

  Neon sign greeting visitors to the classic cinema Grand on Sveavägen. This theater is one of the oldest in Stockholm, opened in 1933. It’s also known as the place … Continue reading

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Bodoni in Ekoparken

This Bodoni (Oldstyle) decorates the monument at the entrance right next to Stallmästargården at the south end of Brunnsviken. The Ekoparken – a city wildlife reserve – was was created … Continue reading

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Going to the chapell

Rode my bike through the Norra Kyrkogården (The Northern Cemetery) yesterday and saw a lot of interesting signs and inscriptions. A large part is recently (relatively) been given a new … Continue reading

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Sweet tattoo sign

A tattoo shop on Kungsholmen got their letters in good shape. The handling of the em/en dash between the opening hours is a minor offense when the choice of type, … Continue reading

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Hair by Benton

This is a striking sign, probably from the 1960s, combining the letterforms we saw in yesterdays image and a plastic construction that was in use in the 60s. M. F. … Continue reading

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Warning sign reminiscence

A warning sign prohibiting just about everything and it does it effectively in a very authoritative way. The condensed letterforms are of a cold-war type popular in the 50s but … Continue reading

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Artist’s 3D letters on glass

Metal-like sticker letters probably at least 50 years old. The painting is on the inside of the glass window of this door while the letters are on the outside. They … Continue reading

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60s Church typography

S:t Ansgars Church in Alvik, west of Kungsholmen, opened it’s doors in 1963. Adorned with a classic Optima typeface nicely placed flushed left. Sadly the spacing is too tight making … Continue reading

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